June 10th 2024


Weekly Wrap: June 7


  • Your workbooks now handle international currencies and date formats.

    To localize date formats and currencies for an individual workbook, you can set its default location from File > Settings.

You can also set the default location for all new workbooks in your workspace from the
Settings > Workspace page.

  • Looking for a faster way to fill down your formulas? Just double click the bottom-right corner of the workbook cell.


  • You can now set a default timezone for an individual workbook from File > Settings.
    As always, you can configure the default timezone for all workbooks in your workspace from Workspace > Settings.

  • We've modified the CMD + D shortcut such that it no longer jumps to the last cell in your workbook. Rather, it jumps to the cell adjacent to the last cell with data in that row or column.


  • Fixed an issue where pasting the output of a spill formula may not paste values

  • Fixed an issue where enabling AI Assist may disable the new query experience

  • Improved query builder joins between tables in the same datasource.