Follow new updates and improvements to Equals.

June 21st 2024



Abbreviated data labels in charts are now more consistent, always using uppercase.


Improved scrolling speed on workbook sheets.


  • Fixed an issue where copying charts as PNGs may include the edit button.

  • Fixed an issue where workbooks may open on hidden sheets.

  • Fixed an issue with legacy filters in the new query experience.

  • Fixed links in the app to reference new help docs.

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June 14th 2024



The TRANSPOSE formula is now live!


We've upgraded chart data labels with custom number formatting and improved handling of data labels on small charts.

Searching for Slack channels from the dashboard scheduling panel is now faster, even when searching across thousands of channels


  • Fixed focus issues when editing a multi-line formula from a cell

  • Fixed an issue with text in Slack dashboard sends

  • Fixed an issue with updating credit cards for payment

  • Fixed an issue where selects may not open to selected item

  • Fixed an issue changing workbook timezones

  • Fixed an issue with filtering for "is not" values on strings

  • Fixed an issue with decimal abbreviations on chart labels

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June 10th 2024



  • Your workbooks now handle international currencies and date formats.

    To localize date formats and currencies for an individual workbook, you can set its default location from File > Settings.

You can also set the default location for all new workbooks in your workspace from the
Settings > Workspace page.

  • Looking for a faster way to fill down your formulas? Just double click the bottom-right corner of the workbook cell.


  • You can now set a default timezone for an individual workbook from File > Settings.
    As always, you can configure the default timezone for all workbooks in your workspace from Workspace > Settings.

  • We've modified the CMD + D shortcut such that it no longer jumps to the last cell in your workbook. Rather, it jumps to the cell adjacent to the last cell with data in that row or column.


  • Fixed an issue where pasting the output of a spill formula may not paste values

  • Fixed an issue where enabling AI Assist may disable the new query experience

  • Improved query builder joins between tables in the same datasource.

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May 31st 2024



Easily copy and paste charts to any destination using keyboard shortcuts. Press Shift + CMD + C (or right-click the chart) to copy it as a PNG, then use CMD + V to paste it anywhere.


Now, you can bulk reset data edits applied to a column of queried data with a single click. Doing so will not affect any data notes in the sheet.


  • Fixed an issue joining across different datasources using the query builder

  • Fixed an issue removing blank data edits

  • Fixed an issue with tables opening by default in the table browser

  • Fixed an issue where summary stats may not display in the bottom right over spill cell formula ranges

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May 28th 2024



  • Use the new HYPERLINK formula to insert links directly into cells β€” perfect for adding related resources to your workbook.


  • Now you can adjust font sizes and apply bold formatting to your chart titles, legends, and data labels.

  • You can now download all the charts in your workbook with a click.


  • Fixed an issue where items may overlap on the dashboard

  • Repositioned the "Run query" button on the left hand beneath the query editor

  • Brought back the "All connections" overview for query runs

  • Fixed an issue where custom number format may not apply

  • Improved the search for fields when joining

  • Fixed an issue with copying or downloading output from a FILTER formula

  • Fixed an issue where the save join button may not apply

  • Fixed an issue with renaming series in charts

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May 23rd 2024


Based on customer feedback, we've made some improvements to the new query experience that started rolling out with the launch of Equals 24 last week.

  1. The Run query button has moved from the toolbar back to the query sidebar

  2. A new Connections panel can be opened from the toolbar

  3. Settings in the toolbar has been renamed to Query settings for extra clarity

These changes will roll out over the course of this week for any workspaces that have enabled the new query experience.

Connections panel

When in a workbook with at least one connected sheet, click Connections in the toolbar to see all connections in the workbook.

From the Connections panel, you can:

  1. See all connections and their respective query schedules (if configured)

  2. Run all queries with a single click

  3. Set the query schedule for all connections in a single batch

Reenabling the new query experience

If your workspace was granted early access but you decided to revert to the old version, you can reenable the new experience from your workspace settings under Query experience version.

We're continuing to improve the new query experience based on your feedback. Questions? Contact us via the messenger icon at the bottom right of your screen.

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May 17th 2024



  • We added a new =AX7() formula, to help make it easy to dive in to your engagement metrics. Use it to count users who are active more than X times per week in your product.


  • Added the ability to manually reposition chart labels, should you want to further customize.


  • Fixed an issue with chart hovers when zoom has been applied to a sheet

  • Fixed the preview date used for custom number format displays

  • Fixed an issue updating Views when the query has multiple columns with the same name

  • Fixed a focus issue when typing in a paragraph field on a Dashboard

  • Fixed an issue where data notes may be incorrectly repositioned if a filter is applied

  • Fixed an issue where chart labels may be cut off in Slack preview

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May 15th 2024


With today's launch of Equals 24, we've started rolling out a new and improved querying experience. The changes address extensive customer feedback and are a big milestone in our continued effort to make querying your data faster and more fluid.

Starting this week, workspaces will be migrated in phases. When the new query experience is available for your workspace, a modal will appear in the Equals app. For a complete summary of everything new and improved, see our help docs.

For now, here's a quick recap of what's new in Equals 24 from Bobby:

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May 10th 2024



  • You can now configure charts to dynamically display data labels for minimum, maximum, first, and/or last data points.


  • You can now auto-expand time series tables with custom date formats

  • Added ability to reset chart styling back to default values


  • Updated chart hover aesthetics

  • Fixed an issue with editing chart data range

  • Fixed an issue with re-authorizing Slack connection when tokens expire

  • Fixed an issue with transitioning existing line charts to new charting style

  • Fixed an issue with "go to source" for charts on dashboards

  • Removed Views access for users without applicable datasources

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May 6th 2024



  • Rounding out our charting improvements, you can now add total values to your stacked column charts


  • We've introduced 2 new shortcuts for hiding rows (CTRL + 9) and columns (CTRL + 0)

  • We've improved our active tab design, making it easier identify what sheet you're in


  • We fixed an issue with the way SORT formulas treat blank cells

  • Typing paragraphs in a dashboard is now smoother, with enhanced cursor focus

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