May 28th 2024


Weekly Wrap: May 24


  • Use the new HYPERLINK formula to insert links directly into cells β€” perfect for adding related resources to your workbook.


  • Now you can adjust font sizes and apply bold formatting to your chart titles, legends, and data labels.

  • You can now download all the charts in your workbook with a click.


  • Fixed an issue where items may overlap on the dashboard

  • Repositioned the "Run query" button on the left hand beneath the query editor

  • Brought back the "All connections" overview for query runs

  • Fixed an issue where custom number format may not apply

  • Improved the search for fields when joining

  • Fixed an issue with copying or downloading output from a FILTER formula

  • Fixed an issue where the save join button may not apply

  • Fixed an issue with renaming series in charts