May 23rd 2024


Updates to the new query experience

Based on customer feedback, we've made some improvements to the new query experience that started rolling out with the launch of Equals 24 last week.

  1. The Run query button has moved from the toolbar back to the query sidebar

  2. A new Connections panel can be opened from the toolbar

  3. Settings in the toolbar has been renamed to Query settings for extra clarity

These changes will roll out over the course of this week for any workspaces that have enabled the new query experience.

Connections panel

When in a workbook with at least one connected sheet, click Connections in the toolbar to see all connections in the workbook.

From the Connections panel, you can:

  1. See all connections and their respective query schedules (if configured)

  2. Run all queries with a single click

  3. Set the query schedule for all connections in a single batch

Reenabling the new query experience

If your workspace was granted early access but you decided to revert to the old version, you can reenable the new experience from your workspace settings under Query experience version.

We're continuing to improve the new query experience based on your feedback. Questions? Contact us via the messenger icon at the bottom right of your screen.